Winter Escapes

Immediately after the #whyilovephilly Party, I escaped up to Grahmsville, New York for a weekend (mostly) away from my phone at a cabin with some friends. They had spent the week recording music in a beautiful chalet overlooking a lake, and I came up for the tail end. It was a weekend of good food, a hot tub (!), snow, hiking, wine, whiskey, music and relaxation. After opening Waterfront Winterfest, and after the craziness of party planning, it was perfect. On the way home, I dropped by the Dia Contemporary Art Museum in Beacon, New York. Go. That’s all I can say about it.

You know I love Philly, but I love it even more after getting away for a little while.

Grahmsville, New York


(throwing rocks at icicles, because what else would you do)extra-winter-escape-catskills-6extra-winter-escape-catskills-5extra-winter-escape-catskills-4

The Dia in Beacon, New York 

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