What could divert someone from the Mummers Parade?

Dana Schmidt
Favorite Spot: Dirty Franks
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 347 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

I Am: A writer, a reader, a runner and eater – who can be found at WHYY most weekdays
Years in Philly: 18 in the ‘burbs, 2 in Center City
Current Home: Washington Square West

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My Love Note

Dear Dirty Franks,

My cousin tells this story about being en route to the Mummers Parade years back. His group stopped just east of Broad and stumbled upon Narnia: no windows, no sign, just a heavy wooden door with an eclectic clientele enjoying the warmth behind it.

They never made it to the parade that day.

Something about you just makes people feel compelled to stay a while. Froggy Carr paraphernalia hangs from your ceiling, while your walls provide a gallery for local artists. Bottles of Patron and Macallan sit atop shelves wallpapered with “Cash Only” signs. Middle-aged men in suits buy rounds of kamikaze shots and Highlife ponies for out-of-town strangers looking for “the house special.”

On my last visit, Poet Laureate Frank Sherlock checked my ID at the door before I saddled up between a Jefferson med student and a Jack Russell Terrier. You, my dear Dirty Franks, are everything to everyone. Don’t ever change.

For 80-odd years, you’ve been an honest bar where anybody with two bucks in their pocket can find themselves a lager and some friendly conversation. You are truly a microcosm of this City of Neighborhoods, and you’ll always have my heart.


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