Sometimes the best part about Philly is leaving for a little bit

Sometimes the best part about Philly is leaving for a little bit.  I took my summer vacation to Ocean City, NJ for three days this week with my lovely family. Luckily it overlapped some of the hottest days of the summer. We grilled, played in the water, attempted (note the word attempted) to paddleboard in the bay, and got sunburned.  It was my first vacation where I remained attached to my computer for some of the day as I deep into this blog and trying to look for a new job. 

 (me and my lovely cousin, Hannah)

After the beach, I spent one day back in Philly to celebrate my 30th, and finally managed to cut the computer cord. My roommate and I drove down to her family’s farm outside of Shenandoah for a huge party. We all piled into pickup trucks sitting high atop inner tubes and canoes and lazily made our way down the river cutting through the farm.  There were three beer coolers full to the brim and tons of great people. At night we sat out on the porch swatting flies, making hamburgers, playing football and enjoying the fire pit. It was indescribably beautiful, and I purposefully left my camera in the car most of the time. And now I’m back, and it’s a perfect night to sit on the porch and catch up and look forward to the week ahead.

(Soybean fields)

(My lovely roommate, Isabelle)

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