Remember the fountain that froze?

Bert Archer
Favorite Spot: Swann Memorial Fountain
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103

I Am: A filmmaker who used to be a mechanical engineer who once tried to be a comedian.
Years in Philly: 7 in Northern Liberties; 5 at Drexel U
Current Home: Las Vegas NV

My Love Note 

Dear Swann Memorial Fountain,

At the end of the drive home from work, I would find hobbies, activities, friends, just any reason to ride my bike. The best part of these destinations, was indeed the journey. The sheer ability to look around while riding my bike was exhilarating on so many levels. People who grew up right outside of Philly and spent years in center city can say, “Oh, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I’ve seen them.” Those people take for granted the best part about the journeys I’ve taken through Philadelphia: The emotion it can give you if you take the time to allow it. The history, architecture, and the joy it can give you.I would continuously find detours and go off on the more difficult path in order to see you. Going to Rittenhouse? I better go past 17th on Spring Garden and climb a little further to 19th. Catch that downhill that flattened out at Vine and cross over to you. Coming home from an improv show at the Adrienne at 22nd and Sansom? I’m going up 20th to travel around Logan Square just to say hi. Whether you had the water flying on the swans, or the Gods were frozen over, it was worth it to get that sense of knowing where I was.

It can be said that now that I don’t live in Northern Liberties (or Philadelphia in general) anymore, so simply I just miss you and that area. It’s tough not to be able to be there in 10 minutes. But I still remember the times I did have. Sometimes I would stop and get off of my bike and lay under a tree, or ride as fast as I could through the winded mist of the turtles and frogs, or skid out in the outlying dirt just to get that view of the Art Museum down the parkway. I could always rely on you to be that one place I could always stop and savor the city that I will always love.

Thank you Fountain for providing me with memories that I never thought would stick, but now I can’t stop thinking about.

With Love,
Bert Archer

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