Love Note #72: Race Street Pier, the past, present and future of the City (Gary Steuer)

Gary Steuer
Favorite Spot: Race Street Pier Park (and environs)
Neighborhood: Old City
Address: Race Street and Columbus Boulevard/Delaware Avenue

I am: The Chief Cultural Office of the City of Philadelphia and Direct the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. I am grateful that my job allows me to support and celebrate the culture and creative energy that drives this City.
Years in Philly: Four (but I have a little bit of Philly roots in that my parents met here in the Fifties…)
Current Home: Bella Vista – Broad and Fitzwater 

My Love Note: I would say that my new favorite spot is the Race Street Park. It is beautifully designed, peaceful, offers a fantastic Philadelphia cityscape view of the Delaware and the Ben Franklin Bridge, and provides inspiration for the further development of the Delaware waterfront. Approaching the park from Race Street, you also get to experience “Marquis,” a work of digital public art by Richard Torchia and Greenhouse Media that presents a live feed of a moving image of the surface of the Delaware River that is somewhat abstracted by the LED screen. Really cool! 

AND, if that were not enough, across the street from the Race Street Park is the new headquarters of Live Arts/Philly Fringe, in a historic water pumping building. I feel like in this spot, at this point in time, the past, present and future of the City are all simultaneously evident, as well the integration of the arts and design into the urban environment.

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  1. Rachel


    I was wondering who took these photos of Race St. Pier? They are great! Please message me for use rights.

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