Nick Goldberg proudly wears his “Nick’s #1” t-shirt (as in Nick’s Roast Beef)

Nick Goldberg (ex-pat files)
Favorite spot: Nick’s Roast Beef
Neighborhood: Northeast
Address: 2212 Cottman Ave.

I am: getting a Ph.D. in and teaching philosophy
Years in Philly: 18
Current Home: Baltimore, Maryland


My love note: My roots are in the Northeast, and it’s been my home in Philly for the last few years now. Nick’s is just a couple blocks from that home, and it’s one of the few remaining things in that neighborhood to stay unchanged in my lifetime and before. It also has the best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I prefer mine with peppers and onions, garnished with horseradish, and a side of cheese fries. Great also with any of the beers on tap there. Everybody knows about philly cheesesteaks, and how no other city has replicated it. The same goes for Nick’s roast beef sandwiches. That’s why I proudly represent it, and not just shamelessly self-promote, by wearing my “Nick’s Number 1” t-shirt.

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