Kelly Cox finds herself at Treehouse Books whenever she is short on books, friendly faces, or inspiration

Kelly Cox
Favorite Spot: Tree House Books
Neighborhood: North Central Philadelphia
Address: 1430 W. Susquehanna Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19121

I am: a recent Arcadia University graduate, freelance writer, and Philadelphia bookstore enthusiast.
Years Spent in Philly: A native of the Philadelphia area (North of the city in Montgomery County), 4 years in Glenside.
Current Home: North Philadelphia in spirit, Montgomery County in body.


My Love Note:

Dear the Brilliant Directors/Volunteers/Children/Free Book Bins which make up Tree House Books,

Here’s an important thing about me: I am primarily a homebody. Of course I also love to travel, explore, and adventure; but my ideal city experience is an adventure that leads me somewhere which feels like home. Often times this happens at bookstores, because there few places that I feel more comfortable than when I am surrounded by books. Luckily, Philadelphia is home to many delightful new and used bookstores, but there is one specifically that never fails to inspire a sense of home: Tree House Books on Susquehanna Avenue in North Philadelphia.

The first time I walked into Tree House Books, I was coming to meet my supervisors having secured an internship with the non-profit organization. It was like walking into a treasure chest. Tree House Books is so many wonderful things. It’s a non-profit organization on a mission to grow and sustain a community of readers, writers and thinkers, it’s a meeting place and tutoring center for children in the area, it’s an affordable used bookstore, not to mention the daily free books bins that can be found sitting near the front door. (And let me tell you, this girl can get in trouble around free book bins.) But most importantly, it’s an organization which is committed to revitalizing its neighborhood and local community. It’s a beautiful example of one thing that Philadelphia has always celebrated: heart. In the city of brotherly love, Tree House Books is a perfect addition.

If I ever find myself short on books, friendly faces, or inspiration, Tree House is where I end up.

A Tree House Homebody


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