Joe Ulrich’s ode to Rittenhouse Square

Joe Ulrich

Favorite Spot: Rittenhouse Square
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square/Center City
Address: 18th-19th Sts., Walnut to Locust/South Rittenhouse Square 

I am: A cheese monger for DiBruno Bros. originally from South Philadelphia; a passionate Philly sports fan, foodie, and weather geek
Years in Philly: I have spent all but thirteen of my forty-eight years in Philadelphia!
Current Home: I currently reside in the Lower Graduate Hospital Neighborhood a.k.a. SW Center City


My love note:

Dear Rittenhouse Square,

I have always enjoyed visiting you! I have been amazed at your longevity and ability to change and adapt over the three-hundred plus years you have existed. I appreciate how you have welcomed so many citizens and visitors alike. You have been a constant through many, many reincarnations of this great city and of your immediate surroundings.

I love how you have welcomed all types of people from the early well-to-do colonials to the patchwork of today’s Philadelphians-privileged-working class-those whom are less unfortunate and use you for shelter. You always provide shelter, a sense of calm, or even a place to have lots of fun for adults and children alike. You have always fascinated me with regard to how you have brought all of us Philadelphians together and continue to do so.

Also, I always enjoy your physical beauty! Although your grounds have been tended to by hundreds over the centuries, you have managed to carve out your own unique spots, mini-communities, etc. You are an amazing time capsule and a living piece of our history as citizens of this great city! You have adapted to your ever-changing surroundings as well as creating the immediate neighborhood to change many times over these years. The trees, bushes, sculptures, animals, and people are a constant reminder of our rich past and our great present! Undoubtedly, your future will continue to allow us to enjoy and experience you for many more years!!

Thanks Rittenhouse Square!

Joe Ulrich

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  1. Chaucee

    This is definitely an iconic part of Philadelphia. But yet still such a beautiful place!

  2. Joseph Ulrich

    Hi Chaucee! I couldn’t agree more!

  3. news

    You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

  4. suba suba

    It as nearly impossible to find experienced people about this topic, however, you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks


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