Phil Jablon’s love note to the spectacular views from the PSFS building

Phil Jablon

Favorite Spot: The Board Room of the PSFS Building (33rd Floor)
Neighborhood: Market East
Address: 12th and Market Streets

I am: Native Philadelphian who loves places, built or natural.
Years in Philly: 25
Current Home: Bella Vista


My Love Note:

Dear Board Room of the PSFS Building,

Every time you elevate me to your crest I am enamored. It starts the moment that the elevator doors part and that Czech marble wall paneling greets my eye. I know that I have reached the zenith of modern, despite your 80 long years of towering existence. You are one of those rare structures that will be infinitely timeless.

Turning your first corner, you bathe me in light. Awe struck vistas spread out before the eye. Your Bauhaus honesty brings out the best in me. It’s too bad though that your style has been adopted as the corporate image. But that’s not your fault – only testament to your quality. You were the first of your kind and ultimately the best.

Whenever guests from out of town visit me, it’s you I turn to for a guaranteed good impression. You’re the cherry on top of this city, which – truth be told – has no shortage of architectural gems. To friends I say, “this is our streamlined conversation piece that is so often overlooked.” Lord knows you’ve done wonders to help me seem smarter than I actually am.

May you stand tall for many centuries to come.




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  1. Mellody Brewing

    Can anyone just go up there? How do you get to this viewpoint?

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