From the Archives: Love Your Park Week with Sandy Salzman (Penn Treaty Park)

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Sandy Salzman
Favorite Spot: Penn Treaty Park
Neighborhood: Delaware Riverfront
Address: Delaware and Columbia Avenues

I am: Lifelong resident and Executive Director for New Kensington Community Development Corporation.
Years in Philly: My whole life!
Current Home: Fishtown


My love note: 

This is a “love note” about people working together to get things done. Penn Treaty Park, as it stands today, is a beloved community asset where people can enjoy the riverfront whether it’s a peaceful morning jog or live music and fireworks on a summer night. It’s home to annual festivals like RiverCity and Shadfest, with special events like outdoor movies and family game nights as well.

But the park wouldn’t be what it is today without hard work and dedication over more than 60 years. At that time, the park wasn’t yet recognized for its historic significance. Through the years, those who held the park dear would work tirelessly to raise awareness.

Today there are still individuals who take a special interest in the park, and there is an organized Friends of Penn Treaty Park and also a Penn Treaty Museum. The Historic Commission recently added the park to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Neighbors and visitors alike treasure the park as a connection to the river and to the city’s history.

This is a love note about pulling together. It’s about change that takes decades. And it’s about all of those people who work hard for what they believe in, even when the “thank you”s don’t come as often as maybe they should.

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