Dorrie Dillalogue’s 10 mile love note to Broad Street

Dorrie Dillalogue
Favorite Spot: Too many to mention but my favorite right now is Broad Street

I Am: A worker bee by day and an appreciator of all things Philly (food, beer, music and beyond) on nights and weekends
Years in Philly: 34 years in and around Philly
Current Home: The Burbs


My Love Note

Oh Philly,

It seems a bit crazy to get up at the crack of dawn just to run on Sunday, May 4. Especially when it is to cram in with 39,999 other people in a corral waiting to run 10 miles down Broad Street. 40,000 people with so many reasons to run early in the morning. So why will I why lace my sneakers with a mob of people that Sunday in May? Sentimental reasons mostly.

Broad and Olney, Temple, Girard, City Hall, Walnut, South, Snyder, Pattison reads like the SEPTA Broad Street Line map, but my brain ticks off these places as I mentally prepare for the run. The memories attached to each place, the people and experiences. I hope the 39,999 other people running Broad Street understand what’s along the route – take in what is around them, that it is more than just a distance run ‘course.’

As a Central High and Temple University grad, a chunk of my formidable years were spent on North Broad Street. While at Central, I would lug my backpack and sports equipment to the subway, lingering with my friends before heading back to Roxborough, which seemed worlds away at times. Going to Temple reminded me of the beauty that lies within a few blocks off of Broad Street. Campus was full of life, trees and green spaces to get lost in between classes. Temple had its rhythm; its imperfections that made it feel so much like home. It was only a quick subway ride to center city, and looking down Broad Street towards the skyline was a reminder of what I was working towards as I finished that seemingly all important undergrad degree. The goal was to keep moving down Broad Street.

I loved emerging from the subway into Center City ready for an adventure. We would wander along Broad Street – here, there, everywhere. Down to South Street looking for posters and CDs to buy, towards South Philly, over to Rittenhouse to lay in the sunshine, maybe to a Phillies game since tickets were always available; the days seemed full endless opportunity to do something. It’s funny how even 20 years later, I still have that feeling coming into Philly.

As Broad Street evolves, buildings change and business come and go. I look forward to comparing past and present in my memory as I pass the miles by, thinking about the city, the people and places that have left their mark on me. What was here before, what will be here in a few years…how do I, or the collective ‘we’ shape this city?

I’m not a runner by any stretch, simply a sentimental gal who’s excited run through the vein of this city, a road that has paved the way for me as a perpetually proud Philly native. I trek with 39,999 other people who all have their own reasons for pounding the pavement that first Sunday in May. My reasons are all for Philly.

Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-1Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-23Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-24Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-21Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-22Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-19Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-27 Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-2Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-28Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-15 Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-3Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-32Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-31Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-5Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-33Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-13Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-18Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-12 Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-6Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-10Dorrie-Dillalogue-Broad-Street-Walk-35

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4 Responses to Dorrie Dillalogue’s 10 mile love note to Broad Street

  1. Sarah

    Love these photos. Gorgeous!

  2. Janet

    You are a fantastic writer and your pictures are so pretty. Good luck to you on Sunday!! Sending good vibes your way!!

  3. Vince

    Hey I love this piece, glad it was republished. Much love to you and your romantic trek down broad street.

  4. Rebecca

    How lovely Dorrie. So well written. I will be cheering you on as you reminisce along Broad Street. Go girl! Go Swiftees!


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