To the diagonal rogue riders

Alice Bateman
Favorite Spot: Bob’s Diner on Ridge Avenue
Address: 6053 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128
Neighborhood: Roxborough

I Am: an avid reader, amateur kite flier and middle school teacher
Years in Philly: 35
Current Home: Wyndmoor


My Love Note

Dear Diagonal Streets of Philadelphia,

In a city based on a grid formation, you are the rogue riders on the map. Ridge, Germantown, Moyaminsing, Passyunk, you don’t follow suggested rules of form. Instead, you create new angles, tricky intersections, unpredictable patterns. Your diagonals slice across the city creating shortcuts, long-cuts, and sometimes mid-intersection greenery. I love to see how you can easily confuse travelers unfamiliar with your shenanigans. So many neighborhoods claim you as their own, but you and I both know that you cannot be so easily summarized. Thank you for bucking the system. Diagonals forever!

Livin’ on the Ridge


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3 Responses to To the diagonal rogue riders

  1. Christy

    Cool people and excellent Scrapple at Bob’s. Diagonal streets make you earn your way in to the local culture…How Philly!
    – Christy Barnswallow

  2. Karen Kirchner

    I’ll have to take a diagonal route and visit Bob’s. Sounds like it’s where those in the know hang out! Love the post, Alice!

  3. Fran Bisselle

    Bob’s is a Roxborough diamond for sure, and true to its mantra– “where good people meet to eat!” Good one, Alice!


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