What’s so beautiful about the rear end of Center City?

Rick Piper
Favorite Philly Spot: The little “back streets”, alleys and occasional streets…
Neighborhood: Center City

I Am: a 67 year-old business guy, former owner of 12th Street GHym, out/gay Cenetr City native.
Years in Philly: 45
Current Home: Center City

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My Love Note

What might be called the “rear end” of Center City — sometimes the back of buildings, tiny streets (like Moravian), small streets like Waverly, odd streets like Chancellor, Jessup and Latimer…that appear occasionally–now and then—across the City grid. Often they just have humming HVAC units but then some have a small garden or tiny deck or planted alleyway–all full of stories of lives lived, being lived…lives not quite visible but easily imagined…

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