Two Year Blog Anniversary and CONTEST

PHILLY LOVE NOTES ANNIVERSARY CONTEST: Enter to win a giant one-of-a-kind Philly papercut


Philly Papercut (BEFORE)

Philly Love Notes started two years ago today with my first love note to Hardena in South Philadelphia. From there it’s grown to 212 love notes, two #whyilovephilly parties with another on the way (June 26th!) and two #whyilovephilly Valentines Day Twitter campaigns. Running the blog has allowed me to meet amazing Philadelphians, has changed my perspective on the city, and has given me a chance to share a little Philly-love with a lot of people.

To celebrate the 2 year birthday (of my baby — on Mother’s Day no less), I’m organizing a Philly Love Notes contest.

If you follow my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feeds, you’ve probably seen the large Philly papercut I’ve been working on in addition to the smaller custom ones. You can win the papercut by submitting a love note either through the blog, or sending it directly to me via email.


  • Write a love note. And not just a one sentence love note (try for at least 300 words). It can be about anything in the city — a favorite street corner, a building, a view, a particular dish at a restaurant, anything that makes you love this city.
  • Feel free to submit as many notes as you like, and if you’ve already given me one, send over another. And for all you out there who have procrastinated, this is the perfect time to start writing.
  • The note should be in standard letter form, ie Dear _______, … Love, _______
  • These notes will all be published on the site, meaning if at all possible, I’d love to meet you, see your favorite spot in the city and take a few photos.
  • I’ll be choosing one winner at random on June 23rd.
  • Pretty simple, right?




I’ll be updating the progress of the papercut via social media to try and entice you to enter the contest. 

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  1. Alice Bateman

    Dear Urban Farms,
    You bring fresh food, green landscapes and deep knowledge to our neighborhoods. The farmers, young and old, who till your soil share their produce and experiences with neighbors. Although you are engaged in the oldest of traditions, you are becoming quite popular now. It is nice to see that your recent fanfare has not changed you. It still requires long hours and lots of sweat to produce all those varieties of vegetables. Mill Creek, Saul, Greensgrow, you make Philadelphia a delicious place to live, one bumper crop at a time.
    Fresh Veg Lover


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