LOVE Park, finally

Thomas Dixon
Favorite Spot: LOVE Park
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 1599 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103

I am: Curious while cautious, I’m eager to do all I reasonably should to understand the world around me, others, and myself.
Current Home: Fishtown
Years in Philly: Born and raised here in Philly, I’m now thirty-years-old.


My Love Note

Dear Philly,

You have felt like ‘home base’ to me. Although I run around the bases, I look forward to coming back to you. You’re both where I’ve started from and where I wish to come back to, time after time. Family and friends know where to find me here, and I often feel that a desired spot is only a walk away. I know your streets, as I care to walk and run through them, almost as well as I know my own body.

The LOVE statue had inspired me to have the phrase ‘Let’s LOVE each other’ tattooed on me, first in English and then in my adopted language of Korean. I believe that I’m so personable because I embody what I take you to be, both ‘approachable’ and ‘comfortable with yourself’. I implore you, just as I have implored myself, to be further outgoing, to embrace diversity and cultures with it. You do inspire me to feel closer to other people, to be genuinely casual with them, rather than so cold or distant. I feel as if formality is simply “put-on,” rather than my natural state of being, when I am with you.

I do make fun of you, our city, just as W. C. Fields had, and so I am glad to see it become less “closed” over time. While I am glad to travel the world, and I plan to continue to do so, “On the whole, I’d rather [live] in Philadelphia.”


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