The perfect love note for the close of summer

Favorite Spot: Bodine Community Garden
Neighborhood: Queen Village
Address: 914 South Bodine Street

I Am: A recent grad school grad & urban nature enthusiast
Years in Philly: almost 5!
Current Home: Grad Hospital

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My Love Note

Dear Bodine Community Garden,

You are the secret enclave every child dreams of discovering, a community treasure, private and tucked away. Kept away from prying eyes, you’ve always excited me; every time I step through the gate I’m unsure of what I’ll find or how much growth has occurred.

I feel so lucky that we were acquainted three summers ago by mutual friends. Your initial potential to earn a place in my heart was unclear, but as summer wore on my love for you grew and blossomed. You have a knack for turning out sun-ripened tomatoes, greens, and peppers as only an expert gardener can. You also provided an excellent backdrop for teaching my charges about nature and gardening when I was a nanny. They loved to come and help me water, chasing butterflies, and picking hard-won veggies. I felt so lucky to have access to this unique space (complete with Isaiah Zagar murals) for the kids, something we both enjoyed and could share in the summer months.

Each year you’ve remained radiant as summer becomes fall, but I’m always struck by your retreat in the winter – such a loss to my weekly stock of produce. I do understand though, I too like to bundle up in the colder months and anxiously anticipate the spring when I can plant again.

There are a lot of other beautiful gardens in the city, but I haven’t happened upon a garden yet that shares your “hidden treasure” vibe. I know that this growing season is in question because of some nearby construction, but I also know that your community is dedicated and you’ll bounce back in no time.

Thanks Bodine Garden, I dig ya.


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