The love story of a river and a trail

Joe S.
Favorite Spot: Kelly Drive
Neighborhood: Art Museum

I am: a transplanted suburbanite
Years in Philly: 4
Current Home: Northern Liberties

My Love Note

My dearest Kelly Drive,

I’ve always known about you, but didn’t actually get to know you until I started running along your winding, tree-lined path. I happened to always be in one of the cars that’s whizzing by you everyday as you seem to go unnoticed.

But when I stopped and got out is when I really started to appreciate just how beautiful you really are. How your cherry blossoms bloom in the Spring, how pretty you look in the Fall, to how lonely you can get in the Winter. The Schuylkill River just wouldn’t be the same without you by its side.

I really wanted to thank you for help in me accomplish goals that I never thought I could. You’ve always pushed me to strive for more. One mile soon became a half marathon and I couldn’t have done that without you. You’ve always been there for me and help to clear my mind when it needs it. Oh, and you also offer some of my favorite views of such a familiar skyline!

So thank you…for not changing and always being a friend!


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