The best is at the end of the sacred steps

Jordan Price
Favorite Philly Spot: Underdogs
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 132 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

I Am: Delco-raised, a recently graduated Quaker, and a SEPTA-sponsored Philly explorer
Years in Philly: 2
Current Home: Fitler Square

My Love Note

Whether you’ve been sipping champagne or Citywide specials, descending those sacred steps serves as the great equalizer. For we have all congregated in chaotic clumps seeking one thing: decorated dogs and salty spuds. Underdogs, you beautiful hole in the wall, your fancy franks and succulent sausages, doled out until 4 am on weekends, provide sustenance to the night owls, the party people, and the late-shifters alike. Your brightly colored wall of painted fists, no-frills storefront, Cacia-sourced rolls, and BYOB policy scream Philadelphia.

I love you for lunch, you make a superb supper, but my favorite visits are in the wee hours of what we like to call “Franky Fridays”. A night spent singing and slinging brews at Dirty Franks inevitably ends with our favorite franks beneath 17th Street. Whether it’s standing room only or we nab a coveted table, the rapture is truest at the initial snap of that casing. The promised land, it would seem, is best found slathered in ketchup and relish alongside heaps of french fries.

I always stroll home and fall into the soundest of sleeps. Blame the beers, but I know it’s because my dreams have already been realized. In a bun.


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