The Art Museum steps bring out the tourist in a Philadelphian

Sunny Morgan
Favorite Spot: Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Neighborhood: Art Museum
Address: 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130

I Am: High School senior with a passion for writing and other artsy things
Years in Philly: 17 (all my life)
Current Home: West Philly


My Love Note

I’ve lived in this city all of my life, and I act like a tourist.

Rocky is one of my favorite movies for a number of reasons, one being obvious: It was filmed in this great town. Rocky (or Sylvester Stallone.. let’s call him Rocky) was driven, friendly, a good fighter, and sometimes insecure. He reminds me of myself. But he did something to this city in 1976. It was so random, but it turned into a ritual for Philadelphians.

If you live in Philly and you haven’t ran up the ‘Rocky Steps,’ you’re probably a really boring person. Or you’re just lazy, but that’s okay. I’ll tell you what it’s like. When you’re at the bottom, you think: “I can do this, this is cake.”

When you’re 25% done: “I’m going to die.”

50% done: “I can’t breathe.”

And when you finally finish, and you turn around and put both fists in the air, it’s like no other feeling. The Philadelphia skyline is at your fingertips and these words end up slipping out of your mouth, “I did it!” It’s a proud moment even if you can’t feel your feet, your chest hurts, and your knees are weak.

To the right of the steps is a statue of Rocky in his signature victory pose. Even though it’s all fictional, running up the steps gives me a sort of determination to get through whatever I’m going through and makes me a proud Philadelphian.


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4 Responses to The Art Museum steps bring out the tourist in a Philadelphian

  1. Rose Morgan

    I enjoyed reading your LoveNote because it made me believe I was right there with you. Sorry, I’m one of those people who has never ran up the steps but thank you for taking me there. You are so talented. Whatever you decide to become in life you will be very successful. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  2. Philadelphia Traveling Mom

    Great post! Can’t believe I’ve never run up the Rocky steps. Here’s my cheat: go into the museum from the back, walk thru, and voila, you’re at the top of the steps. And the view is great! (But it is cheating: you’re right, I have to run up the steps.)

  3. Rob Paul

    This LoveNote is awesome! It reminds me of that anecdote you shared in your college essay about the excitement you felt when you would go downtown as a child. Your writing is laced with imagery, honesty, and personality. I love the paradox, “a tourist in my own city.”

    You a turning into a prolific writer. I am extremely proud of you and I can’t wait to read the next thing that you publish! Continue to celebrate your gift! Plus 25!

  4. Julia

    Whenever people visit me from out of town, they always want to get a cheesesteak and run up the rocky steps. Thanks for capturing one of the great attractions that makes Philly unique! I wonder if the steps will make an appearance in the new Rocky film….


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