Tenaya Darlington’s love note to Wedge and Fig’s secret passage

Tenaya Darlington
Favorite Spot: The café garden behind Wedge & Fig
Neighborhood: Old City
Address: 160 N. 3rd Street

I am: Cheese blogger (a.k.a. Madame Fromage)
Years in Philly: 8 years, prior to that: Madison, Wisconsin
Current Home: Fishtown


My love note:

Dear Café Garden Behind Wedge & Fig Bistro,

I like secret passages. I really like secret passages that lead to cheese boards. Two summers ago, I was wandering up Third Street, sipping a cup of Old City Coffee, and I happened upon you – a corridor, a cheese vein?

You led me to a small garden full of café tables, with a view of fire escapes and a square of blue sky. I saw people drinking bubbly water and nibbling blue cheese off of slates. It was so lovely to discover a cafe with a cheese shop at its heart and an alley garden for its artery. I hide here whenever I need to rest my gams in the sun and ponder a golden Gouda.

Kirk and Lisa, who run Wedge & Fig have a magical story involving novels and sailboats – ask them about it over a Blue Fig sandwich (blue cheese, fig jam, pretzel bread). It’s my favorite lunch in the city. I also like to stop in for wedges of gooey Morbier or, for dessert: a box of goat cheese tuffets.

Big love,
Madame Fromage


Tenaya-Darlington-Wedge-and-Fig-6  Tenaya-Darlington-Wedge-and-Fig-2
Madame Fromage Photo
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2 Responses to Tenaya Darlington’s love note to Wedge and Fig’s secret passage

  1. Lol

    The photography is terrible and heavily edited. The story is garbage and it’s obvious that you keep The thesaurus in your pants due to your lack of any formal training in photography, educational. Or otherwise Congrats on turning people away.

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