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Jonah Martinson Favorite Philly Place: South Street Bridge from Graduate Hospital to University City. Neighborhood: Spanning Graduate Hospital and University City I Am: A social media Community Manager for a local advertising agency who loves displaying the City of Brotherly Love on social. Years in Philly: 3 Current Home: Society Hill A photo posted by Conrad Benner (@streetsdept) on Jul 31, 2015 at 4:30pm PDT My Love Note Philadelphia, I love your heartbeat and your pulse. I love looking at your skyline and hearing the Read more

Hey Henry Got Crops, we've got one for you

Alice Bateman Favorite Spot: Urban Farms, especially Henry Got Crops Neighborhood: Roxborough Address: 7095 Henry Ave I Am: A native Philadelphian and lover of maps! Years in Philly: off and on for 35 years Current Home: Roxborough A photo posted by Holly E Clark (@soupatraveler) on Jul 28, 2015 at 6:59pm PDT My Love Note Dear Urban Farms, You bring fresh food, green landscapes and deep knowledge to our neighborhoods. The farmers, young and old, who till your soil share their produce and experiences with neighbors. Read more

Another Texan dreaming of Philly

Barry Laskowski Favorite Spot: Old City and Fishtown I Am: A student from the NJ side Years in Philly: lifer Current Home: El Paso, TX A photo posted by Kelly Smith (@kellysmithphoto) on Aug 27, 2015 at 6:16pm PDT My Love Note I'm currently living in El Paso TX attending school but I'm originally from Camden NJ. Most of my family is in Philly and surrounding areas so I grew up in the city. The more time I spend away from the area the Read more

Devil’s Pool

Love Note #68: Vincent Alleva Jr. — Some beers, his dog, and Devil’s Pool in Wissahickon Park

Vincent Alleva Jr.
Favorite Spot: The Wissahickon Creek and Devil’s Pool
Neighborhood: Northwest – Valley Green which is situated between Roxborough, Chestnut Hill, West Mt. Airy and Germantown

I am: A third generation Philadelphian. I live, work, and play in Philly. I have lived in many neighborhoods in the city including Kingsessing, Parkside, Fairmont, Lower Moyamensing, and Pennsport. I blog about the South Philadelphia community on a facebook group page called South Silly. I’ve worked for the Painters and allied trades union of Philadelphia for 8 years. I currently work at the Barbary in Fishtown. On my spare time I enjoy spinning music, riding my bike throughout the city and walking my dog to the plethora of parks in and around my neighborhood.
Years in Philly: On and of for 14 years.
Current Home: Pennsport

My love note: In ’93 my family moved out of Southwest Philly to South Jersey where I grew up, in the suburbs. That gave me the opportunity to become a boy scout and spend plenty of time camping and playing in the woods. As I grew older, the allure of moving back to the city became a daily commute. 

Upon moving my adult self back to the city, I longed for the hot summer days spent in the woods by creeks and rivers. To me, there is nothing like getting the dog ready, filling a backpack with some beers, and heading to the woods with some buddies to go cliff jumping and swimming in the Wissahickon. Relaxing, fun, and adventurous. 

Meeting other people out there and watching dare devils doing back flips some 15-20 feet above the water with perfect execution and thundering splash is most definitely entertaining. Catch it during the week when its not so busy with a few close friends and you’ll have yourself a wonderful time. The surroundings can almost bring you back in time. This is why I love the Wissahickon Creek and Devils Pool.
(Top and third photo by Vincent)
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