Philly Love Notes Gift Guide

Hello friends and Philly-lovers, Time for the first Philly Love Letters Gift Guide! With some help from you, I put together a completely non-comprehensive list of amazing things being done right here in the city (or right outside). This only scratches the surface of the cool stuff being made here. There are always tons of great markets and small businesses to support (like Amalgam Comics, Philadelphia Independents, Yowie, and Omoi Zakka). And of course, one of the best gifts of all -- donating money, time, Read more

Giving Back 2017

Oh this year. Time to buckle down and do what I can to give back. Like last year, I'll be donating all of the profits from the map sales to local nonprofits from Thanksgiving through Giving Tuesday. That means that your purchase of a map will help to support all of the following organizations: Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, Marian Anderson Historical Society, SEAMAAC, Red Paw Relief and Students Run Philly Style (more about the nonprofits below). Last year we raised Read more

#whyilovephillyarts Launches

It's official, the first #whyilovephillyarts, featuring Sean Martorana, is now live! Check out the prints below and purchase one of the 30 limited edition prints online. This is the first collaboration that aims to build a body of Philly-specific art across a variety of mediums for people to purchase with 100% of the profits going to the artist (along with a full commissions and licensing Read more

Conrad Benner

Love Note #96: Conrad Benner of Streets Dept loves, not surprisingly, Philly’s beautiful streets

Conrad Benner
Favorite Spot: Alleys/streets I’ve not been down yet.

I am: Extremely focused. Except when I’m not, which is often. But when I am focused, I’m very focused. I like taking photos. That’s one of the biggest reasons I started my blog. I also love street art. And that’s the other reason. Outside of my personal blog, I am a social media community manager at Quaker City Mercantile. When I’m not willing (read: able) to get out of the city and explore, I do so here — like the Divine Lorraine, the Reading Viaduct, or Laurel Hill Cemetery. 
Years in Philly: Born and raised in Fishtown. 27 years in total.
Current Home: Now living in Center City. Graduate Hospital area.

My love note:

It may not come as too big of a surprise if you’ve ever read my blog, or hell, if you even know the name of my blog, but my love note is… to the streets of Philadelphia.

Seriously, Philly has to be one of the best walking cities in the entire world. Granted, you have to know what areas to generally avoid, but nevertheless taking into account Philly’s relatively small size, along with its dense residential and commercial blocks, it’s safe to say you could do a pretty extensive walk of the city in a single day. Add an extra day or two and you can explore all the little alleys that exist which I, as a life-long Philadelphia, truly find inspiring. And give yourself a whole week and you could write a book on all the new and old beauty you’d find in Philly’s little nooks and crannies. 

But words don’t do it justice… Just look around!!

(all photos by Conrad)

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