Summer escapes

Escaping from Philly in the summer has always been exciting. I used to take epic three-month road trips or spontaneously move to different cities for a season. These days, I no longer have the luxury of deciding to move to Glacier National Park to live there for a summer, or pick up and move to Flagstaff, Arizona because I want to check out the hiking and climbing.


Canadian Rockies
Glacier National Park, MT
Glacier National Park, MT
Shorter, closer trips must due for now, and nothing satisfies my need to get out of the city like my family’s reunion in Thurmont, Maryland every year over Labor Day Weekend. It’s nothing crazy. A small house with a pool at the base of the Catoctin Mountains. The days and nights are spent crawfishing, hiking, making large numbers of pies, grilling, endless music making, biking, fire pits and napping. A perfect way to end the summer. With my amazing family. Anyone else have any traditional summer-enders?

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