Stay Wild Washington Avenue Green

Noelle Egan
Favorite Spot: Washington Avenue Green
Neighborhood: Delaware River Waterfront/Pennsport
Address: Washington Ave and Columbus Blvd.

I Am: A librarian who loves to take advantage of all the culture and nature that Philly offers.
Years in Philly: 15
Current Home: Queen Village


My Love Note

Washington Ave Green, I love you.

You’re scrappy and a sweet experiment in park-making in the city. I love that, on any given day, I can run or bike down the street and be behind the city, in a place that feels wild and strange, a place with birds I’ve never seen elsewhere, and an abandoned truck shell(!) and people fishing off the pier. I look off to the right and see the whole city in the distance, and to the left see barges and seagulls and a pier landscape that makes me feel like I am in a whole ‘nother kind of town at a whole ‘nother time in history. This park makes me feel like a young kid exploring a forbidden space. That’s my favorite feeling, and you’re my favorite place to feel that.

Stay wild, Washington Avenue Green, even as Philly throws more love your way.

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