Suzy Woods, aka Beer Lass, raises her pint glass at Standard Tap and Johnny Brendas

Suzy Woods

Favorite Spot: The Bars of William Reed and Paul Kimport (Standard Tap and Johnny Brendas)
Neighborhood: Northern Liberties/Fishtown
Address: 901 N. 2nd St. (ST) 1201 Frankford Ave (JB)

I am: Mid-Atlantic Market Manager for Allagash Brewing Co., founder of In Pursuit of Ale, a lady-centric beer club established in 2006 and the lass behind the beer blog,
Years in Philly: 11 years
Current Home: Italian Market/Bella Vista


My love note:

I have been in the Philadelphia since 2001. If inquiring minds wanted to know what bar I raised the most pints in during those 12 years, I might have to say Standard Tap.

William Reed and Paul Kimport opened the Tap in 1999 and revolutionized the barscape of Northern Liberties. Four years later Reed and Kimport brought new life to Fishtown’s Johnny Brendas. 

JB’s embodies many things I love about the Tap, but is also a music venue celebrating the ever-evolving indie music scene. I am sure people wonder when they’re going to open a third spot, but the answer is never because they constantly find ways to improve the existing ones. 

Every time I go to Johnny Brenda’s I notice a new knick-knack. The minute I enter the bar, I’m smacked with the most sensational aromas, whether it be coffee beans roasting or meats smoking. 

There’s a “90 mile” rule for the taps. If it’s not brewed within 90 miles it’s not getting poured. They are men of their word and their favorite word is local.

The menus at both spots are understated. You see the word Monkfish on the chalkboard, but then it arrives at the bar like some dish out of a Saveur magazine photoshoot. I’ve eaten so many plates of octopus over the years, I’m surprised I still only have two arms. 

The Tap’s deck was renovated last year and you can easily lose a summer afternoon out there drinking Sunshine Pils. 
As you sit at the bar there’s a great chance you’ll meet a regular, James, a local artist who will entertain you with clever gin-inspired quips.  

And so, every New Year’s Eve, you can find me and my party hat (and my champagne) rollicking right there at 2nd and Poplar.

(photos above from Johnny Brendas. Photos below from Standard Tap)
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