A round-up of Philly’s great style bloggers

Philly has no shortage of great city-centric blogs. Some of my favorites are the style blogs, which maybe, just maybe, are helping me hone my fashion sense a bit. I wanted to give a highlight of those that have made it into my Google Reader and which I now read religiously.

1. Streets and Stripes: A fashion and lifestyle blog authored by freelance photographer and editor Chaucee Stillman that’s geared towards young, creative, and culturally aware readers. Lots of photos of Chaucee’s great personal style, other beautiful Philadelphians, and photo shoots in some of the city’s lovely boutiques.

2. URBSVOX: Swabreen Bakr put together this site as a showcase of stylish brands, creative people and seasonal trends. There are a bunch of fashion editorials, style shots (both men and women), interviews and photo essays. And to be honest, Swabreen herself, sometimes the model in the shoots, might be one of the most photogenic people I have ever met. 


3. Urban Fieldnotes: Drexel professor Brent Luvaas’ site approaches street style blogging from an academic perspective. As he notes, it is “an experiment in auto-ethnographic research and open-source fieldwork.” Along with interviews, and classic street style photography, he includes insights into the ethics and underpinnings of blogging. My high school English teacher told me to never use the word “unique,” but I feel like it’s pretty applicable to this site.


4. Street Gazing: Reuben “Big Rube” Harley’s style blog is the standard in Philly street style photo blogs. He’s got a regular column in the Daily News and has started showing his photos in Philly galleries. The blog is a showcase of candid and posed photos of stylish men and women.


5. Ring the Alam: Melissa Alam’s blog is more tumblr style. Lots of great illustrations, photos, and videos interspersed with personal narratives. Her blog never fails to send me down the vortex of randomly awesome things on the internet.  

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11 Responses to A round-up of Philly’s great style bloggers

  1. Jacqueline davis moranti

    BurgundyWhispers is another good one! 😉

    • Philly Love Notes

      Hey, sorry for the overlook. The other bloggers have been love note writers, so they were the ones I was familiar with. SHould have done my due diligence research. You’ll be in the next batch. Promise!

  2. Chaucee

    Agreed! Check out Jacqui’s awesome blog!
    Thanks for the sweet shout out Emma. Love how you described all the bloggers!

  3. Anh Mai

    Thanks for sharing! I a new Philadelphian and enjoy Street and Stripes as well Urbanfieldnotes. I have to check out your recommendations!


  4. herphilly

    A great list, thank you for posting! I am a new Philly blogger myself and love seeing how many people in our city are writing such inspiring blogs.


  5. Chaplinnn

    I recently moved to Philly from Chicago and I’m glad I found this list to get me started on finding the style blogging community here. Can’t wait to start meeting other bloggers!

    Mini Penny Blog

  6. tynisha porter

    Hello my name s Tynisha Porter, and let me first say I love you’re blog and would love to invite you to my launch party for my accessories company (JordanJaden) that will be held on Nov. 14th. If your interested just let me know where to send you the invite with more details.

    Thank You!

  7. Peter

    Thanks for the list of great bloggers. I am also new to Philly and look forward to connecting with the local bloggers.

  8. Myla Mercer

    Great recommendations thanks!

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