Shorts — Life as a Blogger

I’ve been plugging away at this blog for five months now.  In that span of time I’ve accrued almost 140 love notes, which have brought me to at least 100 random places around the city, and have allowed me to meet with upwards of 75 people (so far). It has been with me through breakups, new relationships, new housemates, quitting my job, finishing my masters, and somewhere along the way finding a deep love for my city.  

Most of the time, it’s completely exhausting. Like now, at midnight on a Monday night, when I’m still trying to put posts together for this week. It’s also been a whirlwind of learning.  It is not an underestimation to call me a technophobe, but here I am with a blog. I know what SEO means. I have twitter followers and can retweet things. I can embed maps. In the coming weeks I’ll even be redesigning the site and getting facebook (thank you tech friends). 

In those five months I’ve gone from spending my days alone, hunched over a microscope with mild social anxieties (a true scientist) to networking, and organizing parties, and setting up collaborations, and teaching classes to kids. 

I’m surprised by how this blog has changed me. I’m excited to continue meeting contributors, discovering new places, and learning more. While still in its infancy, I hope that this blog is helping people reconnect with their city just as it has done for me.  

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10 Responses to Shorts — Life as a Blogger

  1. Chaucee

    You are so right. It’s a lot of work. But I love what you’re doing here.

    • Emma

      Thanks Chaucee! I know you can relate

  2. palvar

    This blog is great! Keep up the hard work.

  3. Bob Bruhin

    This blog is TOTALLY changing my perception of the city, too.


    • Emma

      That’s great Bob. Finally went up to the viaduct today after being inspired by your post. AMAZING

  4. Melissa

    I lived in Philly for four years but recently moved to LA to find a job. I follow your blog to remember what makes Philly great. Thank you!

    • Emma

      That’s wonderful. My bro lives in LA and when he comes back in a couple of weeks, I’m going to drag him all around the city to remind him to get back here.

  5. Marcia marsh

    I loved reading this post. It sounds so much like you, E! 🙂 Love!

    • Emma

      Marcia! Glad you liked it. Miss you

  6. Chaucee

    It’s been a lot of fun following your success : ) Your blog is a gift to the city .. I really mean that! I love what you’re doing here and would love to see a Philly Love Notes book published some day. And let me know if you need someone to do the photography ;P


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