Pro tip: Parking lots are the best for Philly skyline photos

Editor’s Note: This post features photos by the amazing @kylehuff, who’s skyline and abandoned building photos are some of my favorite in the city.

Schuyler L.

Favorite Spot: The top level of any parking garage at night!

I am: A Philly based food event and urban exploration photographer who is trying to make the transition to independent documentary filmmaking.
Years in Philly: Five
Current Home: Conshohocken


My Love Note

The first week I was in Philly I went with my new housemates to a very sketchy karaoke bar in West Philly. This was a dive bar and just a touch too far west to be safe. A regular at the bar struck up a conversation with our group and figured out I was new in town. Later that person went across the streets for smokes and bought me a delicious tastykake. I had never had a tastykake before. And it was at this moment that I knew Philadelphia was the perfect city for me and this is why I love Philly.

All photos by @kylehuff

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  1. SchulyerL

    Proud to be featured on your blog, Emma! Thanks for exposure! My work can be found at and where I post two new photos a day as well as
    I would love to get a youtube short featuring your story and some respectable headshots if you’re up for it. You know where to find me if you’re interested!

  2. TJ

    Where is this?


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