A sense of wonder in a square

Samantha Brumbaugh
Favorite Spot: Rittenhouse Square
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 18th and Walnut

I Am: A frequent visitor from the suburbs of Southern New Jersey with a newfound love for city life

My Love Note

Dear Rittenhouse Square,

You will always have a very special place in my heart. Although I am not a resident of Philadelphia (yet!), I cannot help but feel at home in my heart whenever I am passing through. The urge to snap a picture of you or sit down on one of the many benches whether it is a gorgeous, sun-soaked summer day or a snowy, bone chilling night has always been there and I am certain it always will be.

I first visited Philadelphia about a year ago when my boyfriend made the move and got his first apartment. Once he was confident that I could manage the walk from 16th and Locust to his apartment off of 22nd and Walnut, Rittenhouse Square became my landmark. If I saw the park, I knew I was headed in the right direction! In addition to being my beacon of light in my early explorations around Philadelphia, it was the spot of our very first picnic together. We had our blanket spread out beneath the tree with the low branches at the 19th and Walnut corner of the park, shared lunch, and got excited to be on the news when we passed an NBC 10 reporter after our picnic (they weren’t recording, maybe that’s why the cameraman laughed as we skipped by and made silly faces).

Rittenhouse Square, you give me the same sense of wonder that you did when I first walked by in March of 2014. The performers, the weekend market, the children playing by the goat statue, the business people on their lunch breaks, and the couples that practice yoga together in the grass… all of those things make you so lovable and one of my favorite parts of the city. When I make the move to Philadelphia, I hope to live in one of those buildings overlooking the square because I do not think that I can get enough of you.

Thank you for welcoming me to the city of brotherly love, for representing the diversity and beauty of its residents, and for being a slice of paradise in the middle of busy Philadelphia.


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