Possibly the best museum in Philly

Matt Shantz
Favorite Spot: The Wagner Free Institute of Science
Neighborhood: North Philly
Address: 1700 W Montgomery Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19121

I Am: A college student with a love of history

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My Love Note

I discovered the Wagner mostly by accident. They were hosting the Honey Happy Hour as part of the Philadelphia Honey Festival (also a great event to check out) and, thanks to the promise of free drinks and a man with a bee beard, I was attending. The event itself was great and it also introduced me to one of the most amazing hidden gems I’ve come across in Philly. The Wagner Free Institute of Science, as its names implies, is a free science education institution and museum. However, what makes the Wagner so interesting is that it has remained virtually unchanged since it was opened over 150 years ago. The building not only retains its Victorian architecture, but the exhibits are also exactly the same, right down to the vintage cases and hand-written tags! Its lecture hall is the same way. I got to go to another event they hosted there in early October where they used the hall’s original lantern projector to display glass lantern sli des from local museums and historical societies. Getting to view antique lantern slides in a Victorian lecture hall was a one-of-a-kind experience and it really enhanced my appreciation for the building and the Wagner’s dedication to preserving history.

The Wagner Free Institute of Science is just so different, so unique, and so FREE that it’s hard not to love it.


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