Philadelphia and Mexican food

Julie Hancher
Favorite Philly Place: The Taquerias – El Jarocho, Jose’s Tacos, Que Chula Es Puebla & Mas.

I Am: A writer, social media professional, advocate for sustainability & lover of Philly
Years in Philly: 7 years, grew up in the Philly ‘burbs almost my whole life
Current Home: Bella Vista


My Love Note

Dear Philadelphia,

It started with an appreciation of Mexican food. Then as my friends and I began to debate the best taquerias in town, we realized that we all had a mutual love of Mexican food. (Who doesn’t?!?)

So we started a “club”. And it wasn’t really an exclusive club, it was more of a reason to get together during our non softball and kickball seasons to catch up over tacos and cervezas.

Now, our little club, “Mexadelphia”, has visited over 20+ taquerias and Mexican establishments – we try to go authentic as possible, staying away from the Steven Starrs of Philadelphia.

We’ve celebrated engagements over burritos, discussed job changes over margaritas and laughed over the chips and dip every time.

For a city that’s known for its elegance like the Vedges and Laurels, we’ve explored the not-as-celebrated restaurants together. After all, Philly is a city of neighborhoods, with many cultures blending into one city. What would Philly be without its Washington Ave Pho, Italian Market Pizza or odd obsession with cheesesteaks and pretzels?

And damn, Philly. We’ve never been disappointed by our gatherings.

Viva La Mexadelphia.

Con Amor,



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2 Responses to Philadelphia and Mexican food

  1. Bob DePaul

    I love Old City so much I frequently drive up from my home in Ocean City on a day off just to watch a movie the only and correct way, that being at the Ritz, followed by a beautiful walk through that lovely area to Cafe Ole for coffee and a wrap and cake and life just doesn’t get any better!

  2. Joe

    Have you been to Texas? That stuff in the pictures…ugh! It wouldn’t pass the presentation stage.


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