Pasqually’s, where Laura Boyce and friends go to unwind after a long week of teaching

Laura Boyce
Favorite Spot: Pasqually’s
Neighborhood: West Philly
Address: 200 S. 43rd St. (43rd & Walnut)

I am: A high school English teacher, originally from North Carolina, with a love of cities, the outdoors, and music
Years in Philly: going on 6
Current Home: Graduate Hospital

My Love Note:
Dear Pasqually’s,
Being a teacher in Philly is really hard. The hours are long, the working conditions are difficult, and the School District of Philadelphia is a hot mess. On a Friday afternoon after a long week at work, a happy hour is desperately needed. For the first few years I worked at West Philly High School, my co-workers and I tried out a few local bars for happy hour, and were always dismayed to run up a $20 tab within a couple hours.

Then we discovered you, Pasqually’s. For $20, I could treat the whole table to a pizza and a six pack. Sure, the decor is a little shabby — a life-size Snoop Dogg cut-out advertising some already-discontinued liquor brand is the most exciting thing in the room — but the price is right and the company can’t be beat.

Pasqually’s is where my fellow West Philly High teachers became family over slices of mediocre pizza and cheap beer. It’s where we vented over the four principals we had in one school year and the school district politics that turned our dreams for the school into dust. It’s where we planned our next life and career moves, laughed hysterically about students and stories from years earlier, and philosophized on education and what our dream schools would look like. Now most of us have scattered, some to other schools in the district, some out of education completely. But we still meet at Pasqually’s every month or so to catch up, reminisce, and bond over our shared experiences.

Thanks for the memories, pizza, and cheap beer, Pasqually’s. See you soon.


Laura-Boyce-Pasqually's-3  (Laura Boyce, second from right)
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