Part 1: 1011 E. Moyamensing in Southwark

Whenever I bike from Fishtown back to S. Philly, I find myself biking down Moyamensing. I can never remember why I’ve chosen to make that turn until I see the house at 1011, one of the few remaining clapboard houses left in the city. One day I finally stopped to take some pictures just as the owner was walking home. She told me a bit about the history, but I wanted to find out more. I’m taking advantage of having my own blog to document my attempts to learn about this house.

Part 1: The house has historic designation and is on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Hoping that this would lead me to the home’s history, I took an extended lunch break to wander City Hall looking for the Historical Commission. Once there, I was handed a thin manilla envelope with documents showing the date that the homeowners registered for the historic plaque (1990) and the approvals for renovations in the late 1970s. That was it. No history, no build date, nothing else. I was told that the next step will be to establish a deed chain through the City Archives.  Hopefully another extended lunch break will come in the next few weeks and I can learn (and write) a bit more about this unique home.
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  1. applekabootchie

    Will be happy to read what you discover. Thanks.

  2. Mellody Brewing

    I love homes like this, and there are a bunch in Queen Village where I live. If you walk down Queen to Front, from 2nd, check out Hancock street on the left. Amazing houses back there. All like this. I too would love to know their history. There’s also a house similar to the above on Queen itself, on the 200 block, next to the old Fire House.

    • Emma

      Thanks for the info. I’ll go check them out soon


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