Papercutting Philly (my homage to Joe B)

I recently started a side-side project doing small (3×5) paper cuts of Philly. My science brain likes the clean lines and orderliness of precision cutting, and my hyperactive brain actually concentrates for the couple hours it takes to make each one. I’ve been creating custom ones for friends and whomever else answered my posts on social media, but they’re something I’m thinking about potentially selling to raise funds for a Philly Love Note website upgrade — a much much needed one. Any thoughts?


South Philly, left; Northern Liberties, right


Clark Park in West Philly


Center City


Art Museum and the Ben Fanklin Parkway


Mt Airy

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11 Responses to Papercutting Philly (my homage to Joe B)

  1. Davis

    These are great. Do a Kickstarter!

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla

      I might just do that

  2. Tara

    I would totally buy one!

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla


  3. David

    You should add a Paypal donate button to the site. I bet tons of people would love to help you maintain and upgrade Philly Love Notes. I know I would in a heartbeat.

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla

      Hmmmm…good idea. I’ll have to think about it. Getting back to your Qs now.

  4. Jennifer

    I would love to have the south Philly one framed… You selling?

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla

      Hey Jennifer,
      Haven’t decided yet. I’ll probably make them for a kickstarter for the site. Stay tuned.

  5. Katie

    I would definitely buy one as well… These are so fun!

  6. Cheryl Corn

    Very cool. I just ran the Philadelphia ½ Marathon with a friend. I would love to buy a map of the race route.

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla

      Hey Cheryl

      Congrats on running the half marathon! As a newbie runner, I cannot even fathom 13 miles. I sell all the maps here: I’m sure we could figure out a way to trace out the route.

      Best, Emma


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