Philly Love Notes Gift Guide

Hello friends and Philly-lovers, Time for the first Philly Love Letters Gift Guide! With some help from you, I put together a completely non-comprehensive list of amazing things being done right here in the city (or right outside). This only scratches the surface of the cool stuff being made here. There are always tons of great markets and small businesses to support (like Amalgam Comics, Philadelphia Independents, Yowie, and Omoi Zakka). And of course, one of the best gifts of all -- donating money, time, Read more

Giving Back 2017

Oh this year. Time to buckle down and do what I can to give back. Like last year, I'll be donating all of the profits from the map sales to local nonprofits from Thanksgiving through Giving Tuesday. That means that your purchase of a map will help to support all of the following organizations: Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, Marian Anderson Historical Society, SEAMAAC, Red Paw Relief and Students Run Philly Style (more about the nonprofits below). Last year we raised Read more

#whyilovephillyarts Launches

It's official, the first #whyilovephillyarts, featuring Sean Martorana, is now live! Check out the prints below and purchase one of the 30 limited edition prints online. This is the first collaboration that aims to build a body of Philly-specific art across a variety of mediums for people to purchase with 100% of the profits going to the artist (along with a full commissions and licensing Read more

Love Note #275: A little French in Philly

Michael Dwyer
Favorite Spot: Chamounix Fields in Fairmount Park
Neighborhood: West Philly
Address: Chamounix Dr & Ford Road

I Am: A professor of Media and Communication at Arcadia University and defensive center mid for FC Chamounix
Years in Philly: 4
Current Home: Mt Airy/Chestnut Hill

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Love Note #274: The love story of a river and a trail

Joe S.
Favorite Spot: Kelly Drive
Neighborhood: Art Museum

I am: a transplanted suburbanite
Years in Philly: 4
Current Home: Northern Liberties

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Love Note #273: It’s the murals that get you

Favorite Spot: Philly’s murals
Neighborhood/Address: All over

I Am: A transplanted Delawarean who really likes Philadelphia
Years in Philly: 0
Current Home: Just outside D.C.

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Love Note #272: Dear Philly, will you be mine?

Kristin Dudley
Favorite Spot: Though not the subject of this note, Amrita Yoga and the Race Street Pier
Neighborhood: Fishtown for Amrita, the Delaware River Waterfront for the Race Street Pier
Address: 1204 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 and Race St. and Columbus Blvd.

I Am: The Talent Marketing Manager at Comcast with a background in design and entrepreneurship.
Years in Philly: 12 in city, 18 in burbs
Current Home: Graduate Hospital

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Love Note #271: Do you know the only park in Philadelphia owned and operated by the neighborhood?

Kenny Grono
Favorite Spot: Liberty Lands
Neighborhood: Northern Liberties
Address: 926 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

I Am: Owner of a small remodeling company who lives in Northern Liberties with my wife, daughter, dog and two cats.
Years in Philly: 15
Current Home: Northern Liberties

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Love Note #270: Possibly the best museum in Philly

Matt Shantz
Favorite Spot: The Wagner Free Institute of Science
Neighborhood: North Philly
Address: 1700 W Montgomery Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19121

I Am: A college student with a love of history

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Love Note #269: What’s your neighborhood soul mate?

Michelle Cryder
Favorite Spot: West Philly

I Am: A copywriter, blogger, food nerd, book hoarder, and all-around geek.
Years in Philly: 7
Current Home: Cedar Park

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Love Note #268: The pilgrimage to West Philly

Joanna Leigh Simon
Favorite Spot: Dahlak
Neighborhood: West Philly
Address: 4708 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

I Am: Creative director for Philly-based video production company Skout Media. Grew up just outside Philly, then left for a whole, and now I’m back!
Years in Philly: 10 years growing up outside the city, 5 years living downtown
Current Home: Fishtown

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Love Note #267: Skyline porn at its finest

Michael Kissinger
Favorite Spot: Philly skyline views

Years in Philly: I lived in the city for 5 years, Drexel Grad. Worked there for an additional 4 years.
Current Home: Wayne, PA. So now I miss the sunsets!

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Love Note #266: To be wrapped in the gritty arms of Philadelphia

Liz Sytsma
Favorite Spot: Mt. Airy Village
Neighborhood: Mt. Airy
Address: Greene Street & Carpenter Lane

I Am: A weaver/knitter/crocheter, flower-obsessed gardener, cook and eater, wife and pet mama, and the Associate Director at CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia.
Years in Philly: 3
Current Home: Mt. Airy

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