The river trail that convinced Ninon Matos to stay in Philly

Ninon Matos
Favorite Place: Schuylkill River Trail/Kelly Drive/Wissahickon Bike trail
Neighborhood: Art Museum

I Am: A Transplant from The Big Apple
Years in Philly: 4
Current Home: Graduate Hospital


My Love Note

I came to Philly from Brooklyn only for a year or two. The idea was to go back to Brooklyn and continue with my fun-filled and awesome life next to Prospect Park. With the idea of leaving this city soon, I didn’t allow myself to explore the streets of Philly (sort of a protection against liking this new town).

The first few months here were hard: no friends, no family, always driving back to NYC. I thought of this city as a transition in my life that would soon come to an end. In my spare time I started running, and in one of those runs I discovered the Schuylkill river trail. This place was full of people riding their bikes, running, or just walking along the river. They seemed to be happy, content.

It was a quiet place in the middle of the city, so I began venturing along the path of the river. Soon I got to the bike trail in the Wissahickon. I couldn’t believe that a twenty minute bike ride from the city would take me to this amazing place filled with wonders: trees, small waterfalls, nature in her full expression. The wonder of the trail was soul nourishing. And that’s how I let my guard down and started to appreciate this city.

It’s been almost four years and hopefully I’ll be able to buy a property here and finally call Philadelphia my home.

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