A gluten-free Philadelphian finds some love at Zahav’s Kitchen Counter

Nicole Fiamingo
Favorite Spot: Zahav’s Kitchen Counter
Neighborhood: Society Hill
Address: 237 St James Place, Philadelphia, PA 19106

I am: A gluten free foodie that is living life day by day
Years in Philly: 1 1/2 years
Current Home: Wayne, PA


(Zahav photos from Philly-ism, one of my favorite Philly blogs)

My Love Note:

I have lived in the Philadelphia area for about 2 years now, but do a good bit of traveling and working. This mix does not leave a lot of time to explore Philadelphia and all that it has to offer – especially regarding restaurants and their knowledge or acceptance of food allergies.

For a girl that is looking for a classy, gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly restaurant, Philadelphia has a lot to offer. It’s rare that I walk into a Philadelphia establishment and receive mindlessly confused faces when I put those two words together – “gluten” and “free”. Gluten what?

Those who share the gluten-free diet with me know how frustrating it can be when a server or even a chef does not understand a gluten-free diet and the contamination problems. What may be even more frustrating is when they offer you a simple, tasteless piece of broiled chicken and steamed vegetables. Don’t get me wrong—I love steamed vegetables, but I am looking for something more when paying to eat out – why can’t I enjoy the flavorful meal my guest is currently devouring?

Lucky for us, it is more often than not that Philadelphian restaurants either already have a gluten-free menu to offer, can review their menu with me, or the chef offers to create something off-menu (I always love this option – it’s a great opportunity to really experience the chef’s skills).

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Zahav’s Kitchen Counter experience – which by far, has been my most favorite gluten-free Philadelphian experience. Not only is Chef Michael Solomonov and his staff beyond talented – which is well noted in all of their recent recognitions and awards — they are well educated on the gluten-free needs of their guests, and they and they actually embrace the opportunity to be a bit more creative on their dishes.

Thank you Chef Solomonov and your staff – you will be seeing me soon!

Nicole-Fiamingo-Zahav Nicole-Fiamingo-Zahav-3

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