Giving back this year

[UPDATE: We raised $4725 dollars!!] Now more than ever, I feel a need to give back to my community, so I'll be donating ALL of the profits from map sales from now (4:39PM on November 23) through 11:59PM, November 29. It's an opportunity to buy a holiday gift and give back to some great Philadelphia non-profits (see the Philly Love Notes Etsy shop for more details). Your purchase of a custom Philly map will be a donation to the following organizations: Sunday Breakfast Read more

With all my love

Emma Fried-Cassorla Favorite Spot: Anywhere along the Delaware River Waterfront (but I'm biased) I Am: A Philly lover and resident, Montana lover and former resident, twin, Philly Love Notes, Communications Manager for the Delaware River Waterfront, hiker, climber, traveler, papercutter, iPhone addict, handwritten note taker, Crohn’s patient, scientist, lover of the Race Street Pier and slippers and family Years in Philly: Off and on for 33 (I was 30 when I started!) Current home: A studio loft in Callowhill with my lovely boyfriend Read more

And so we conclude

Cynthia Schmitt A photo posted by Philly Love Notes (@phillylovenotes) on May 20, 2015 at 7:05pm PDT My Love Note Can anyone remember that first moment they fell in love? How does one encompass the complexities of living in a city that's caught between New York and Washington DC? Even Benjamin Franklin, a hero of this city, spent most of his time in Europe. He did choose to die here, so I always thought that must have meant something. Edgar Read more

Center City

Love Note #190: Kristen Gillette’s love note to Philadelphia Runner

Editor’s note: The interns of Campus Philly share their most loved Philly spots and experiences as students in the City of Brotherly Love.

Kristen Gillette
Favorite Spot: Philadelphia Runner
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 1601 Sansom St Philadelphia, PA 19103

I am: A runner practically as slow as a turtle.
Years in Philly: Four
Current Home: Loft District


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Love Note #180: Wizard World Philly is how Dave Goodman marks the coming of summer

David Goodman
Favorite Spot: Wizard World Philadelphia
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: The Convention Center

I am: A writer/artist/geek who is a regular contributor to a number of different blogs and passionate about the city of Philadelphia. You can usually find me at my blog, on Twitter (@phillyguydave) or reading comic books.
Years in Philly: My whole life
Current Home: The suburbs (don’t judge me)


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Love Note #177 Gillian Ladley discovers her new city by taking the the Mural Mile Tour

Gillian Ladley
Favorite Spot: The Mural Mile
Neighborhood: City Center
Address: Winding through Center City

I am: a misplaced Brit in the USA, part-time photographer, media rookie, blogger, and culture lover.
Years in Philadelphia: less than one – I’m a Philly newb!
Current Home: I say it’s Philadelphia, but it’s really Montgomery County (Shhh). Hoping to move my way into living (and working) closer to the city.


(All photos from Gillian)

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Love Note #173: David Gloss’ Love Note to Spruce Street’s melting pot of neighbor and hood

David Gloss
Favorite Spot: Spruce Street around 13th
Neighborhood: Center City

I am: A #PhillyDoGooder, community instigator, storyteller and generally happy Philadelphian
Years in Philly: 29
Current Home: Washington Sqr West


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Love Note #164: Tori Molnar used the Reading Terminal Market as a gateway to Philadelphia

Tori Molnar
Favorite Spot: Reading Terminal
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

I am: 16 year old entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, world traveler.
Current Home: Pittsburgh (Not for long)


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Love Note #162: Julie Slavet highlights the deliciousness of Meltkraft, Reading Terminal Market’s new addition

Julie Slavet
Favorite Spot: Meltkraft at the Reading Terminal Market
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia 19107

I am: Executive Director of the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership. From Boston via a quick painful stop in Plano Texas. New empty-nester. Thankful to Philly for the wonderful environment in which my son and daughter grew up.
Years in Philly: 17
Current Home: Jenkintown


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I’m a sucker for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Flower Show

My dad and I have one annual tradition – the PHS flower show. We’ve gone for enough years now that we have our routine down: I get there early to look at all of the booths selling flowers and the juried submissions, my dad joins me and we oooh and aaah at the over-the-top-installations, we get our picture taken in front of the most elaborate feature, and then we get some food and sit in the old train shed. It is always a lovely (and delightfully smelling) night.

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Love Note #161: “If you find yourself lost and confused, find a way to see our skyline” (Alyssa Dingwall)

Alyssa Dingwall
Favorite Spot: The skyline
Neighborhood and Address: Center City

I am: A writer, fixer, baker, and a hugger who can always find an excuse to stop for Capogiro on the way home.
Years in Philly: Eight
Current Home: Chinatown


(all skyline photos by Steve Weinik)

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Love Note #155: The Philadelphia dancing scene is the subject of Justin Horn’s love note

Justin Horn
Favorite Spot: Philadelphia Dancing Scene (mainly Koresh School of Dance)
Neighborhood: Whole city (Koresh in Center City)
Address: 2020 Chestnut St

I am: The founder and president of 2Life Talent, a Philadelphia event planning and entertainment company. I am also a dancer, emcee and DJ.
Years in Philly: lifelong Philadelphian
Current Home: I split my time between Center City and Atlantic City


(From Koresh Dance Studio, featuring teacher Shannon Murphy)

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Love Note #153: Jeff Barg writes a love note to Jerry “the Geator” Blavat’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Express

Jeff Barg
Favorite Spot: The Geator’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Express, Saturday nights, 6-7 pm, on ‘XPN
Neighborhood: All over town, but rooted right in Center City
Address: 88.5 FM on your radio dial; check out the Geator Gold storefront at 6th and Market.

I am: Writer, editor, and urban planner.
Years in Philly: 14 (plus another 10 in the burbs, if you count that. Which I don’t.)
Current Home: Grad Hospital.


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