A long time coming. My Love Note to Philadelphia

Emma Fried-Cassorla
Favorite Place: Philadelphia, all of it

I am: A blogger, a soon-to-be communications manager at a yet-to-be disclosed Philly organization, a reformed neuroscientist, a twin, a Philly-girl, a loving girlfriend, and Walter B. Majestic’s #2 fan
Years in Philly: 30 minus 5
Current Home: S. Philly


My Love Note:

Dear Philadelphia,

Ten months ago, I talked about how I was going to leave you. Escape from an unsatisfying life to pursue a new career in one of the West Coast cities of my twin brother or my best friend. Leave you behind and start anew with the hope that a location change would lead to a life change that I desperately needed.

I had returned to you after college and a year-long trip around the country. I came back with a boyfriend who would eventually become my husband, and a notion that I might want to be a scientist. A house in Mt. Airy, a car, a divorce, and another failed relationship all came and went. My job in the lab and an unsettled feeling were all that remained.

The origin of this blog differs depending on my audience. To some it is an involved side project, to others it is a way to reconnect with you, and to more, it is a way to meet new people. The true story: this project is the result of a series of life changes that made me realize how much I lacked. I didn’t like my job. Most of my friends were my exes’. I had nothing that took up my spare time save for maintaining a shared calendar detailing your events.

The blog was a whim. One day I decided to start it, and by the next week I had it up and running. I stumbled upon a model that, looking back, perfectly fit what I needed most in my life: a time-consuming project, an easy way to meet people, and an excuse to explore your environs. Doing this has challenged, and changed, what I thought were my fundamental characteristics. The exhausting shyness was gone, the luddite in me became addicted to Twitter, the ambition-less lab tech became a blogger with outlandish plans and goals.

Within weeks of starting, my talks of moving out west diminished. I no longer woke up dreaming about mountains and craftsman style homes in Portland. My weekends were filled with back-to-back love note meetings or long bike rides that took me through the backwoods of Fairmount Park and up into the Great Northeast. I became engaged with you.

Someone asked me if I really love you that much, and again, I’ll answer honestly — I didn’t, but I do now. There is something going on here. Some sort of stirring. Perhaps it’s just a result of becoming more involved, but it seems like you are going through a renaissance. Yes, you’ll sometimes kick us when we’re down, and there are some parts that need more work than is fathomable, but you still love me back. This blog, filled with love letters, and you, filled with a gritty loveliness, have changed me in ways I never imagined.

So this is my love letter: to everyone who has participated in this project, to readers, to residents, to friends, to John, family, and of course, to you.

With love,

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8 Responses to A long time coming. My Love Note to Philadelphia

  1. Bob Bruhin

    Amen, Emma. Sing it!

  2. Leigh

    So proud of you and all this blog has brought to our life. You make me fall in love with this city all over again with each post!

  3. Maggie Whelan

    So lovely, Ems! Been waiting to read your love note and it did not dissapoint. It makes me happy to read of your renaissance.

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla

      Thanks Maggie! More to tell you about, and much much more to hear from you

  4. Bryan

    Great Love Note from the woman herself. 🙂 Though the events leading to it may not have been ideal, this end result is very inspiring in the change it stirred up in you (and your readers) to love this town again.

    We Philadelphians get dumped on far too often and it’s about time that some of our true gems and unique places, moments, and people that make it great are spotlighted. I’m really looking forward to where this all goes!

  5. Amy Miller


  6. Jenna

    You said it well, all it takes is a little effort and this city is easy to fall in love with…I’m glad you did!

  7. Melissa

    Emma, I loved this post and I’m so happy of where you’ve come since we first met (thanks to this blog). Can’t wait to see what else is to come from you in the upcoming years!
    -Melissa 🙂


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