More love letters from the kids of the Urban Blazers

Naimah, 12 years old
Favorite Spot: Delaware River
I am: A participant in the Urban Blazers Girls Active In Nature Program at Hank Gathers Recreation Center

My Love Note: I love the Delaware River because in the summer Urban Blazers, a youth program, took the girl’s at Hank Gathers out boating with the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory. It was something new I tried and I loved it.


Courtney, 12 years old
Favorite Spot: Hank Gathers Recreation Center
I am: A girl who goes to Hank Gathers Rec Center after school

My Love Note:

I love Hank Gathers because my friends come here after school. Urban Blazers comes here on Tuesdays. We dance. Have fun with friends and family. Aunt Bern is a great teacher. Hank Gathers is at 25th and Diamond. It’s home.



James, 11 years old
What I love: Boxers’ Trail
I am: A St. James Student and Urban Blazer

My Love Note: Thank you Boxers’ Trail for giving us an amazing field trip. I had a lot of fun walking through you and learning a lot about the outside world.



What I love: Seeds
I am: A man, a St. James Student and an Urban Blazer

My Love Note:

Dear Seeds,

I want to thank you for help us eat. You keep us healthy, strong and alive!


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