Beer and pretzels as big as your head

Michaele-Lynne Jacot
Favorite Spot: Frankford Hall
Neighborhood: Fishtown
Address: 1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

I Am: Living in Rochester, but missing my favorite City!
Years in Philly: 3
Current Home: Rochester, NY

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My Love Note

Dear Frankford Hall,

Although I miss all of Philadelphia, you are what I long for most as summer is just about here. When I lived in Philly and friends would visit me, I would of course take them to all the standards, and then tailor the rest of the sites to their particular interests. Regardless of who it was or where we went, the last stop was always Frankford Hall.

“Where are you taking me,” they would say as we pulled away from Center City on the El. They would be even more confused when we stepped off the train at Girard. I knew what they were thinking…maybe they felt a little less safe? It wasn’t as picturesque as where we had been earlier in the day… But only a few blocks away and we would be at that beautiful Beer Garden.

It’s almost like stepping in to a different world. As you turn the corner and view the doors you can see the wonder in their eyes. Now we’re through the main entrance and people are enjoying a beer, maybe a pretzel…possibly playing ping-pong or Jenga. Life is good here. Hours go by faster than you can imagine. Maybe you make some new friends as you squeeze onto a table. You sit down with your beer, look around, and say to yourself, “What a beautiful world we live in.” It’s just a shame the trains don’t run all night….

Whenever my time in Philadelphia comes up, my friends and family will always say..”Remember that Beer garden you took us to?! That was the best part of the trip!”

It’s true Frankford Hall…You were the best part of my trip too. I hope to visit you again soon.

Missing You and Philadelphia,
Love: ML

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