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First Date Tour
A couple months ago I fell hard for an amazing guy. I wanted to try and impress him with my Philly knowledge, so I took him on a “Philly Love Notes” date. Yes. I know. Super cheesy. But it was worth a try.

Here was my attempt to appear much cooler than I actually am…

1. Pickle Backs at Bar (submitted by Isabelle)

You can start a date off with a beer anywhere, but that’s kind of boring. At Bar (yes, it’s a bar called Bar), you can show off your Philly-savvy by ordering up pickle backs — shots of pickle juice followed by shots of whiskey. For those of you who like a little extra, ask for the homemade spicy pickle juice. Benefits of stopping here first: 1. Relax (especially if you are as nervous as I was) 2. weed out those who are not adventurous. Caution though: They are strong, and you will need to be prepared with gum.

2. View from the PSFS building (submitted by Phil Jablon)

You could pay to go up to the top of City Hall and hang out with all the tourists OR you could pretend that you’re guests at the Lowe’s hotel (the PSFS building), breeze past the front desk and head up to the 33rd floor. Once you get to the top, roam around, open doors, try and get to the conservatory area, and just enjoy how spectacularly beautiful the city is from up there. I was kind of hoping that this whole stop would make me seem sort of confident and “in the know.” I never bothered to ask him if it worked, but maybe I should have. 

3. Reading Terminal Market (submitted by Me, Ross Markman, Emily PaullKishwer Vikaas, Albert Lee)

Reading Terminal is a classic go-to for dates. You can roam the isles looking at a variety of tasty treats from blueberry bread to corned beef sandwiches (see love notes above). You’re bound to find something you both enjoy, lots of conversations will be had, and delicious food will be consumed. And seriously, a baguette and cheese, some fresh fruit from the farmstand, a couple of coffees, sitting by the piano player — totally romantic in a Philly way. 

4. Ben Franklin Bridge (submitted by Dan McQuade)

Try and get to this stop at sunset either by walking or biking. There is a small outcropping at the middle of the bridge that gives you the perfect view to watch the sun set behind the buildings. Lean over the railing and watch the PATCO line speed past underneath. It’s getting cold now, and it’s even colder up there on the bridge. Perfect for an excuse to get closer. I cannot stress enough how romantic the bridge is.

5. Bacon’s Streets (submitted by Ashley Hahn)

These small streets through Society Hill are some of the most romantic little alleys in the whole city. I tried remembering everything Ashley had told me about the history of the area, but failed miserably. I would suggest reading up on this area so you can sound super smart. Either way, wandering somewhat aimlessly at night through those streets and parks pretty much guarantees you a first kiss.

So, did it work for me? Well, we’re still wandering around, exploring the city together.

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  1. Chaucee //

    This is such a sweet idea!

  2. Leighalice

    In my family, we call these “super dates!” I think that is defined by anything more than 2 activities in an evening, characterized by your desire to show off your favorite and somewhat undiscovered places. nice work.

    • Emma

      It was definitely a super date. In more ways than one 😉


    I foresee many wedding toasts in the future where people say “we owe this day to Philly Love Notes” as people will either meet via the site or fall madly in love seeing all the places recommended here.


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