Looking for something delicious? Swabreen Bakr recommends Stateside on E. Passyunk

Swabreen Bakr
Favorite Spot: Stateside
Neighborhood: East Passyunk
Address: 1536 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19147 – (215) 551-2500

I am. A social media consultant, I also work as a freelance photographer and writer for Phrequency.com, and am the founder and editor of iPhotoPhilly.com and URBSVOX.com.
Years in Philly: 11 years
Current Home: Love South Philly forever

My Love Note:

The restaurant scene on East Passyunk avenue has really blown up this past year. Some exciting additions have landed in the neighborhood, one of those gems has been Stateside; a New American restaurant with one of the best American whiskey lists in the city. While covering Philly Cooks earlier in the year I first met Stateside’s executive chef George Sabatino and learned about the restaurant. I went to check it out one random Sunday afternoon in the Spring and had a really great experience that made me wanna keep going back. What I love about many of my visits there is that it feels like a real neighborhood spot, you can sit at the bar alone and meet new people; the bartenders are engaging and make you feel taken care of. It’s also a great spot to take friends and order a bunch of small plates to share. I like restaurants that do small plates because it gives me the option to try a bunch of things and get a good feel for the dining experience in one sitting.

I would describe food at Stateside as soul food, not as in the traditional style of African American soul food, but in the sense that the food has a lot of soul and it is very approachable in terms of taste. The depth of flavors are really intense and really incredibly delicious, this is a great place to try new things and get out of your culinary comfort zone. I love that it’s a restaurant that sticks to its vision and doesn’t put standard fare on the menu just to appease the masses.

The Stateside team experiments and adds new dishes to the menu to reflect the seasonality of food and provide diners with the best and freshest ingredients. It’s always exciting to go back and see what’s new. Sabatino says they aim to just make food with a lot of love and you can definitely taste the care and thought that goes into each dish.

Anyway, go here! Have some really great food. The team that works in this kitchen are doing tremendous things.

 (all food photos by Swabreen)
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