Love Note #84: DJ Suga Shay got her start at PYT in Northern Liberties

DJ Suga Shay (Shaina Robinson)
Favorite Spot: PYT
Neighborhood: Northern Liberties

Address: 1050 N. Hancock St.

I am: Local DJ and vegetarian foodie
Years in Philly: born and raised

My love note: PYT has many different interpretations – Pay Your Tab, Pick Your Toppings, and yes, Pretty Young Thing – and means many different things to me. Tommy Up, a close friend of mine and PYT’s owner, has had a huge hand in my success. I had my first formal DJ lesson in the infamous Backroom, my first weekly residency in the tent, and my first party, Brass Knuckles, at the front bar. PYT is home to America’s Craziest Burgers and it’s eccentric staff reflects that envelope pushing, colorful business model. They make me feel like I’m always welcome. I can walk in at any time, any day — even just to stop by and sit outside for a while — and it’s like I never left.

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