Love Note #71: Alex Hillman’s love? Karaoke at National Mechanics in Old City

Alex Hillman
Favorite Spot: Karaoke Tuesdays at National Mechanics
Neighborhood: Old City
Address: 22 S 3rd St

I am: I’m a software developer by trade but a people lover by profession. I created Indy Hall, a coworking community and space, because I wanted to spend more time with awesome, creative, smart, interesting people. Now I work with people and companies around the world to help them do the same for themselves.
Years in Philly: A decade ago I moved to Philly. 5 years ago I tried to leave. Today, nobody’s quite sure how to get rid of me.
Current Home: Queen Village

My love note:

Dear National Mechanics Karaoke Night:

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in my life when I didn’t love karaoke, but you’ve played a huge part in cementing Karaoke into my favorite pastimes.

Other karaoke bars just didn’t get it quite right. Private rooms were never my speed, and every other “open mic” karaoke crowd just didn’t feel like they wanted me as much as I wanted them. You had everything I wanted – a wonderful, cozy and familiar room. Great drinks & food, and staff I’ve come to call my friends. You have a quality list of songs to sing. You have a quirky KJ (and you’ve had a few since we’ve met). 

But most importantly, you were filled with a great bunch of people who loved to share a performance with the room. The regulars are colorful in their selections, consistent in their applause and support. I’ve spent time with other karaoke bars around the world but you – you’re the one for me. Thanks for being you.

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    You are too adorable!


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