Jill Sybesma loves a particular shady hilltop in Pennypack Park in Fox Chase

Jill Sybesma

Favorite Spot: a shaded hilltop in Pennypack Park in Fox Chase
Neighborhood: Fox Chase
Address: Pennypack Park

I am: Part city chick, part burb girl, and major geek at the Academy of Natural Sciences trying to bring in more geeks
Years in Philly: Born and raised in Montgomery County just a block from the Philly county line
Current Home: Fox Chase section of Philly


My love note: Cresting this one particular hill on a bike can be challenging for some but the reward at the top is worth it- a great view of the creek and far enough from any road so you feel like you’re not even in Philly.

Because a lot of people walk part of the hill or rest at the top, this spot brings out the trail talk in people, no polite head nod as someone runs by, no “on your left” to the biker ahead but real talk amongst strangers. I’ve heard encouragement: “come on, you’ve got this” “hey, nice job you made it” “Tough hill huh!?” “Try shifting lower, you should make it then.” Thoughtful conversation: “I saw your tee, what did you think of that race?” “Be safe, don’t stay in the park past dusk young lady” “I’ll make that hill someday, I’ve just started biking. Any Advice?” and love: from a couple sitting at the top – “Oh we love this view, we bike here just to sit and read on this bench.”

I’ve been inspired on this hill too – met a 65 year old triathlete, a 76 year old long distance biker committed to biking so he doesn’t “go crazy in retirement”, a Mom of 6 committed to finally losing “the weight” and that adorable couple – sitting in their happy place reading together. (Insert: look off into the distance.) Ok, the fond memories make me long for it again, time to grab my bike…


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