Love Note #50: Liberty Lands in Northern Liberties — A neighborhood park as is it truly ought to be by Brent Luvaas

Brent Luvaas
Favorite Spot: Liberty Lands
Neighborhood: Northern Liberties
Address: 926 N. American Street

I am: Visual and cultural anthropologist, Assistant Professor at Drexel University, and the blogger behind
Years in Philly: Three
Current Neighborhood: The slums of the Main Line

My love note: A neighborhood park as is it truly ought to be: overgrown, untamed, and teeming with life. Sure the grass is uncared for and turns dead brown in the summer, but it still feels alive, with a giant fine art mural as a backdrop, a large community garden, a stage, and two decently–sized playgrounds where my daughter spent nearly every afternoon for the year and a half we lived in Northern Liberties. Plus — and here’s the icing on the cake ­— Liberty Lands is a community owned park, not a city park, which means no one’s going to stop you if you swig a few beers on the park bench while watching your kid pile bark on the blue plastic slide.

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