Love Note #49: Doug Nox of Harlequinade, "[Philly] can be a fickle, hard-to-please lover"

Doug Nox of Harlequinade

Favorite Spot: City Hall.  May sound like an odd answer for a seeming rebellious artist type like myself, but I have a great interest and respect for the Masonic architects and designers who initially laid out this city, and City Hall is the central crossroads upon which it was all built.
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: Intersection of Broad and Market

I am: An artist and a student of ye Olde Mysteries.  I would prefer that to be what most people think of when they think of me, but those who know me well probably think of a goofy dude who makes really weird cartoons.
Years spent in Philly: 2 going on 3, but grew up in the outside ‘burbs so it feels like a lifetime.
Current Home: Freshly moved to South Philly

My love note: 


You can be a fickle, hard-to-please lover at times, but those moments when you let me see your secret face and our love is consummated makes everything worth it.


(from Leigh Goldenberg)

(from Melody Kramer)

 (Photo by J. Smith for GPTMC)

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