Love note #47: Thomas Choinacky discovers the joys of biking along the Schuykill River Trail

Thomas Choinacky
Favorite Spot: Riding my bike along the Schuylkill River Trail
Neighborhood: Along the east side of the Schuylkill into Wissahickon Park
Address: The trail

I am: A performing artist who enjoys ringing the squirrel bell on my bicycle.
Years in Philly: 5 years
Current Home: South Philly (6th and Dickinson)

My love note: Outside of work and sleep I am one of two places. At Grindcore House to get my neighborhood coffee fix or riding my bike. Once caffeinated there are times that I have crashed and bled on your roads (many times, actually). There are also calmer moments of riding on the trail or on holidays (Philly becomes a ghost town on Thanksgiving — great for riding). It is more chaotic through Boathouse Row, and mazing through the summer rowing race fans, but finally passing under the towering highways near Conshohocken is always a visual treat. I have often photographed up, looking at the roads above with the blue/cloudy skies in the back. Then you pedal further reaching the Wissahickon. There, riding, you can become one with the trees and shade. I am also waiting for the day when the trail connects further south. The hidden gem of the Schuylkill Banks is south of Gray’s Ferry. There the trail “continues”, and hopefully one day will fully connect with the northern part of the trail. Which ever way you ride, pack a picnic. There are plenty of great spots to stop and take in the shade.

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