Love Note #46: Local urban ecologist David Hewitt loves Jefferson Park and the Kentucky Coffee Trees planted there

David Hewitt
Favorite Spot: I have a lot of favorite spots, but for this, I’ll choose Jefferson Square (a park)
Neighborhood: Southwark
Address: Between 3d and 4th Streets, between Washington and Federal

I am: A biologist – I do a number of different things professionally, but in this context, I’m an urban ecologist
Years in Philly: I was born here
Current home: Currently living in South Street area (but moving soon – to either Germantown or Manayunk)
My Love Note: My father used to live around the corner from Jefferson Square, but I never went there – it was a bit chaotic, and it was also just simply off my radar. After having moved back to Philadelphia (I was away for 9 years, moved back 2 years ago), I went over there and was amazed how much it had changed – clean, well kept – great place to go. And really nice plantings – some quite old, some quite young. There’s a beautiful Kentucky coffee tree in the northeastern quadrant of the park – you can identify it by the big bean-looking pods hanging from it – it was there when that neighborhood had heavy industry (there used to be an iron foundry in the next block over, between 4th and 5th streets) and more cemeteries (the Union Burial Ground was 2 blocks over – it was a good sized cemetery – you can still see its walls, one of them lining the parking lot of the supermarket at 6th between Washington and Federal). Now, that tree is a shade tree in a residential neighborhood. It’s seen the changes, and stood the times.

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